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Welcome to the AFC Tigers!

Here you can find all the information that you need to know about being a part of the Arlington Forest Tigers Swim Team.

We use our team email list serve exclusively to communicate with families. Your email will be added automatically when you register for the team but if you find you are not getting any communications, please send an email to Each family will also have a “mailbox” folder located inside the Guard Room at AFC. This is where you will find a copy of the 2015 NVSL Rules Handbook and all swim meet ribbons for your child, please check your box regularly (just ask the guards where the boxes are kept). 

A successful swim team takes many parents volunteers. In fact, it takes over 50 parents to time, officiate and score a typical swim meet, along with setup and cleaning up afterwards. When you register online, you will be prompted to sign up to help on the days that are convenient for you. We require that if your child is swimming in a meet that you volunteer with the meet in some way. 

Please do not be intimidated by signing up initially. Most jobs do not require any previous experience or training. Officials positions require training that is offered through NVSL for those interested. See the NVSL Calendar for the training sessions offered.

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General Meet Info

All meets are held as scheduled, rain or shine. The only exception is lightening at the host pool, which results in a delay. Addresses to all the pools to which we will be traveling are linked here.

Swimmers are grouped for competition by gender and by age. The age categories are:

  • 8 and under
  • 9 -10
  • 11-12
  • 13-14
  • 15-18

There also may be a 6 and under group at our Monday night developmental meets.

Swimmers compete at the age they are on the day of the meet. Swimmers compete in four individual strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Freestyle and medley relays are swum at all dual meets. At certain designated meets, swimmers also may compete in individual medley (IM) events. Events for 8 and under swimmers are 25 meters (one length of the pool) and events for swimmers 9 and older are 50 meters, except that the 9-10 age group swims a 25-meter butterfly.

At the meet, swimmers need to know what events they are swimming and be ready when the event is called. Swimmers should stay in the team area during the meet, unless they receive a coach’s permission to leave the team area. If any swimmer needs to leave before the meet is over, they must tell the one of the coaches first. This is particularly important for A meets.

There are NVSL rules for attire at meets. Only the team suit or a plain suit is permitted. No school, club, or other organization attire may be worn. Caps must be plain or the team cap. No NVSL caps may be worn except at special meets as indicated on the cap. For example, it is only acceptable to wear the NVSL All Star Relay cap at All Star Relays. If swimmers are using goggles, they should have two pair in case one is lost or breaks.

Google Maps to all away swim meets are available here. From the map, you can click on the Get Directions link to get directions from any address.

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NVSL "A" Meets

NVSL meets (also referred to as A meets) are held on Saturday mornings from 9:00 AM until approximately 11:45 AM. There are five of these meets, one against each team in NVSL Division 9. These are referred to as "dual meets," since there are two teams swimming against each other. Two of these meets will be held at AFC in 2014. A Division Champion will be determined based on the outcome of these dual meets. See the Calendar for the details of our 2014 schedule.

Each team fields three swimmers per age and gender in the four individual strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly). Relays are swum in each age group, plus one with mixed ages. NVSL rules allow swimmers to swim a maximum of two individual events, participate in one age-group relay team, and the mixed-age relay team if selected. Beginning with the youngest age group, boys swim first, and girls follow.

In order, the events swum are:

  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly

In Saturday A meets, the home team has lanes 1, 3, and 5 while the visiting team has lanes 2, 4, and 6. The fastest swimmers swim in lanes 3 and 4, the next fastest in lanes 1 and 2, and the next fastest in lanes 5 and 6. Swimmers are seeded based upon their fastest times attained in prior competition. Lane 1 is always on the right side as you stand facing the pool at the starting end.

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