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2018 AFC NVSL A Meet Schedule - Division ??

June 23

June 30

July 7

July 11 Div 7 Relay Championship

July 14

July 18 NVSL All Star Relay Championships

July 21

July 28 Div 7 Individual Championships

Aug 4 NVSL All Star Championships

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Competitive A Meets

A Meets are competitive NVSL swim events held on Saturday morning. Each team in a division swims against the other teams in that division once. Five regular A Meets are held each season.

Swimmers are seeded for the events based on their previous times for that season. As a general rule, swimmers with the fastest times will swim each event. However each swimmer is allowed to swim only two invidvidual events and two relay events at each A Meet. For the order of meet events, click here.

All Saturday meets start at 9:00 am unless otherwise announced. Coaches will announce exactly what time swimmers need to be on deck, ready to swim.

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