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2018 Developmental B Meet Schedule

Date Team Location Meet Theme 
June 18 Dominion Hills AFC
June 25 Virginia Hills AFC
July 2 Forest Hollow FH
July 5 Todd Potts IM Carnival FH
July 9 Dowden Terrace DT
July 16 Donaldson Run AFC
July 23 3nd Annual Family Meet AFC
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Developmental B Meets

B Meets, held on Monday evenings, provide ALL swimmers the opportunity to swim with other NVSL teams in the area. Generally 5-6 B Meets are held each season. B Meets consist of the same events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly as the A Meets. B Meets do not have relay events, but can include the individual medley (IM) if time allows and both teams agree. The IM is a 100-meter event composed of 25 meters of each of the four individual strokes in the order of fly, back, breast, free.

Swimmers may participate in a maximum of two events at B Meets. For the order of events click here.

All Monday meets start at 6:00 pm unless otherwise announced. The meet warm-up times will be as follows: the home team warms up from 5:15-5:30 pm, and the away team warms up from 5:30-5:45 pm.

During the season there are also a few special meets that AFC attends: Todd Potts IM Carnival and sometimes a 3 team B-Meet. These events are usually held on a Wednesday evening.

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