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NVSL Official Training

Click here to view training schedule online.


[NOTE: NVSL Officials’ Clinics last about two hours. Those arriving more than 10 minutes late or leaving early will NOT receive credit for attendance.] 

To work as an NVSL Official, an individual shall have attended the clinics listed below in the current or previous year: 

Stroke & Turn Judge - the NVSL Stroke & Turn Clinic*. 

First Year Starter - the NVSL Starter Clinic. 

Returning Starter – the NVSL Starter Clinic or the NVSL Referee/Starter Clinic.

First Year Referee – the NVSL New Referee Clinic, the NVSL Starter Clinic, and the NVSL Stroke & Turn Clinic*. 

Returning Referee – the NVSL Referee/Starter Clinic and the NVSL Stroke & Turn Clinic*. [Note: the New Referee Clinic will NOT meet the requirement for Returning Referee qualification.] 

CERTIFIED REFEREE To be awarded the Certified Referee Patch, an individual shall: a. be currently qualified as an NVSL Referee as outlined above; and 

b. have completed the following deck requirements: 

(1) worked two NVSL ‘A’ meets as a Referee and 

(2) worked at least two additional NVSL “A” meets in a judgment capacity (Referee, Starter, or Stroke & Turn); and 

c. have been recommended by 

(1) his/her Team Representative; AND 

(2) by the Division Coordinator, who requests an evaluation by the NVSL Observation Committee as part of his/her recommendation; and 

d. have been evaluated while serving as a Referee during an NVSL meet by a member of the NVSL Observation Committee, AND earned a positive patch recommendation from the Observer. (Note: deck requirements listed above in part b. should be completed before an evaluation is requested.) 

To remain entitled to wear the Certified Referee Patch, a Referee shall maintain his/her qualification by attending an NVSL Referee/Starter Clinic, AND an NVSL Stroke & Turn Clinic* at least once every two (2) years. 


*In lieu of the NVSL Stroke & Turn Clinic, attendance at another Stroke & Turn Clinic taught by a USA Swimming Instructor (e.g., a PVS S&T Clinic) may be substituted. High School clinics will not count. Attendance at a Stroke & Turn clinic every other year is required by the NVSL. Those attending a non-NVSL clinic should notify their Team Representative and the Clinic Attendance Recorder.

click here to see your NVSL Officials Clinic Training as of 2/23/2018.

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